Chess Development "Bits 'n' Pieces":
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Chess Development
"Bits 'n' Pieces"


"Fianchetto" is a term use to refer to a specific positional development of the Bishops ...

  • To Fianchetto a White Bishop, you place it onto b2 or g2.

  • To Fianchetto a Black Bishop, you place it onto b7 or g7.

From these positions, once the middle of the Board is clear of material clutter, it's obvious to see how effective a Bishop can be ...

With their long-range capability, particularly when placing them in these Fianchettoed positions, Bishops can be very efficient in dealing with both threats to its own side, as well as patrolling deep into enemy territory, from relative safety.

The best side to have a Fianchettoed Bishop is so it points along the diagonal, towards the enemy King.

From that position, it can help protect your other attacking units in their attempts to either Checkmate the enemy King, or capture material, in that region.

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