Chess Database

A Chess Database allows you, using a chess-based computer program, to quickly launch, play and study all manner of games of Chess - from recent tournaments, contested by the likes of Vishy Anand or Levon Aronian; to games going further back, with legends including Garry Kasparov.

Following a quick Google search, we came across, whose own database contains over 37 million chess positions:

It's a credible achievement by the author - Walter Eigenmann - who grafted away between 2000 and 2004, in order to compile COMP2004.

This database - COMP2004 - contains over 140 Thousand computer chess games, all taking a minimum of 30 minutes to play.

ChessBase Magazine
- With Games Database On DVD -

ChessBase, creators of the popular Fritz computer chess program, continue to provide a wealth of analyzed games, available on DVD disc.

They also produce a magazine, the appropriately titled "ChessBase Magazine", which comes with a DVD disc, containing a database of edited games.

The next screenshot shows part of the database of games from Issue #130, of ChessBase Magazine:

Chessbase  Magazine - Database Screenshot

You're looking at a selection of 15 Tournament games that began with The English Opening.

If you have one of the more-recent versions of the computer chess program, Fritz, the database of games can be accessed directly from the software's dashboard.

Here, you can see how to access the database, contained on the DVD included with Issue #130, from Fritz 12:

Fritz 12
- Save To Database -

Complete with Fritz 12 is a selection of databases, ready for you to store and retrieve your own games, as shown in the following clip:

This is very useful for studying a particular game, or a specific stage of a game of Chess ...

Rather than having to learn things in one sitting, you can save setups and layouts within one of Fritz 12's databases - this allows you to close down at anytime and return at a later period, re-open your game and continue your training.

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