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You want a Chess Annotation Guide for understanding the Notation system in relation to either a Chess Computer or Chess Training Software.

A Chess Computer is a physical Chess Set, with electronic gubbins inside, which computes your opponent's moves ... You then have to move the appropriate Chess Pieces, as your opponent is the Computer itself.

If you're after learning Notation for use with a Chess Computer, then see the Recommended Links, below (our Beginners Chess Guide article, Annotated Chess, is a good place to start).

The remainder of this Annotation Guide will show Chess Notation within Chess Training Software, for which I'll be showing the Notation log that's featured in Fritz 12.

When you're ready, press play on the following video:

That video was an overview of the Notation panes within Fritz 12 ... If you still need to learn Chess Notation, the following links will take you to our Annotation guides:

Recommended Links:

KEYWORD: Chess Computer Annotation Guide
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