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You want to see Strategies for Checkmating the enemy King, whether you command the White or Black army.

Killer Chess Openings

If you're after 'quick' Checkmates, you can see 32 example games / sequences, where Checkmate occurs in the Opening phase ... We've split them into Wins for White and Wins for Black, depending on which army you studying to control (see our Killer Chess Openings page. Link below).

Shepherding Strategy

I freely admit, I'm not sure this is an official term, but this Strategy involves isolating the enemy King and 'shepherding' him to the edge of the board, where Checkmate is easiest to achieve (again, you'll find the Link, below).

(Book) Fundamental Chess Endings

Chess Glossary - Chess Endgame - Fundamental Chess Endings - Book 1One of the first books I recently purchased, on 'Endgame training', was Fundamental Chess Endings, by Karsten Muller and Frank Lamprecht ...

Their book is immense - I counted about 174 Endgame scenarios, spread across 400+ pages. So, lots of Strategies to pick through, there (which I do with Fritz 12 - set the positions up, then play them through).

So far, I've explored up to the Basic Chess Endings, from their book, which you can see on our website (see the 'Recommended Links', below).

(Chess Software) Fritz 12 - Endgame Training

Already mentioned Fritz 12 ... I got this highly-rated Chess Software so I could bring to life the examples in books, like Yasser Seirawan's Winning Chess series and the aforementioned Fundamental Chess Endings.

So, it was a bonus to find a comprehensive selection of Endgame Training simulations (see video, below), accessible from Fritz 12's dashboard, which you can play through and practice, with guidance, if needed.

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KEYWORD: Chess Checkmate Strategies
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