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You want to see examples where Black's army manages to quickly Checkmate White's King.

If a beginner has a choice, it's to play the game controlling White's army; this is no real surprize, as White gets to make the first move and so, the player who controls White's army will feel more in control of how the game progresses.

However, it's recommended you give enough time to playing with Black's army ... By doing so, you get to experience having to counter White's gameplay and you'll gain invaluable insight that will help you, when returning to play games as the commander of White's army.

From our Checkmate Moves section, you'll be able to access video examples of Famous Checkmates and games that we've dubbed "Killer Chess Openings", where Checkmate occurs in the Opening phase (can't get much quicker than that!).

You'll find we have 12 "Killer Chess Openings" where Black Wins in the Opening phase.

As for the 'Famous Mates', games won by Black include:

  • Blackburne Shilling Mate;
  • Fool's Mate;
  • Hippopotamus Mate;
  • Smothered Mate (King's Pawn);
  • Smothered Mate (Queen's Pawn).

Links, directly to those aforementioned pages, can be found below ...

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