Chess Board Zones: Part of the Beginner's Chess Guide (Section 1)

Chess Board Zones
[The Flanks]

Chess Board Zones - Flanks - Animated Chess Board Zones
The "Flanks" are the outer trio of Files on both the Kingside and Queenside of the Board, respectively.

On the Queenside, the three Flanks include all the squares up the:
  • a-file (a1-a8);
  • b-file (b1-b8);
  • c-file (c1-c8).
On the Kingside, the three Flanks include all the squares up the:
  • f-file (f1-f8);
  • g-file (g1-g8);
  • h-file (h1-h8).

Some players will begin a game by trying to control the Center from the Flanks; allowing their opponent to attempt direct control of the Center.

If your opponent grabs a controlling advantage in the Center, it may be that you're forced to play along the Flanks ...

Your Development will be compromised; it'll take an extra move or two to get into a striking position, by which time your opponent can reinforce his defenses.

Playing on the Flanks isn't all worthless, mind ...

There will come a point when it's possible to attack your opponent from the Flanks, such as with a Rook, supported by your Queen.

Anyway, that's enough for now -- there'll be plenty of time to learn different Tactics and Strategies, as you build on your learning, from our Beginner's Chess Guide.

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