Chess Battery Attack, involved in Winning the Exchange:
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Chess Battery Attack
[Involved in Winning the Exchange]

Battery Attack, Involved in Winning the Exchange
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Chess Battery Attack, Involved in Winning the Exchange.This image shows both sides in possession of a Battery: Black's got a double cell Rook Battery, but White's is stronger, boasting the Queen as well as the two Rooks, creating a triple cell Battery, along the d-file.

White's powerful Battery formation is sometimes referred to as Alekhine's Gun, named after the former World Chess Champion. White outnumbers Black's Battery, on the way to Winning the Exchange ...

Battery Attack, Involved in Winning the Exchange
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Battery Attack, Involved in Winning the Exchange
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So, what? How does a Battery help "Win The Exchange"? ... Like this:

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White's triple-cell Battery over-power's Black's double-cell Battery ... In a head-to-head exchange, two pieces will always lose out to three. (Call it simple maths, or somethin').

Anyway, as you see, in the above clip, with a larger Battery pack, White finishes the exchange, still with his Queen on the Board; whereas Black loses BOTH Rooks ... Thus, it can be said that White "won the exchange".

In Chess, a Battery is a formation that consists of two or more pieces along the Straights (Ranks and Files); or on the Diagonal paths ...

  • Batteries on the Straights are made up of either: Rooks only; or Rook(s) and a Queen.

  • Batteries on the Diagonals are made up of either: Bishops only; or a Bishop and a Queen.

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