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Chess Battery Attack
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Rook(s) & Queen Battery Attack
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Chess Battery Attack, Rook and Queen Battery, along a Rank.This image shows an example of a Rook and Queen, in a Battery Attack formation, along the 7th Rank. In this situation, the Queen has taken the lead position, being able to threaten Black's Rook diagonally, which White's Rook couldn't do.

White can afford to sacrifice the Queen to capture Black's remaining Rook. White's Rook will be able to deal with Black's Pawns, while White's Pawns can advance to gain Promotion, for a winning advantage.

Rook(s) & Queen Battery Attack
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Rook(s) & Queen Battery Attack
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In the first part of the video, you see an even more powerful Battery formation on the e-file, than the previous example with the Rooks Only ...

This time, White's Queen joins in - a situation that puts a LOT of combined pressure onto Black's e-file Pawn.

NOTE: Here, you see White's Queen sandwiched in-between her two Rooks ...

However, when the enemy still has a strong army presence, the 'ideal' formation is for your two lower-value pieces to lead the attack.

In other words, the Rooks would be better going first - to do the damage (and risk capture), so the more-precious Queen can polish things off (and hopefully remain on the board).

The same, unwritten-rule, goes for Batteries that involve the Bishop - if the Queen's involved, whenever possible, put her at the rear of the attack!

BUT, should there be fewer enemy pieces, it can often be better to have the Queen leading the attack - especially if it's against your opponent's King ...

Backed up by Rook, or Bishop, with the Queen sitting next to a King, her greater square-coverage will often Win the game by "Checkmate".

Okay, back to the present video clip ...

In the second part of the video, White's Queen eventually creates a Battery Attack, along the 7th Rank, with her Rook ...

In this situation, because Black's Rook cannot diagonally threaten anything, the White Queen is perfectly safe and better suited for leading this Battery Attack.

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