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Chess Battery Attack
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Rook Battery Attack
- Overview -

Chess Battery Attack, Rooks Only, Along a File.This image shows an example of a Rook Battery along the d-file.

See how the lead Rook is in place to capture Black's d7-Pawn, while safe from capture (by ...Kxd7), because of the rearguard Rd1.

Rook Battery Attack
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Rook Battery Attack
- Video Examples -

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In the first part of the video, you see - probably - the most common type of Battery Attack, with White's two, eventually, Rooks powering-up along the d-file. The move threatens Black's Pawn, protecting its King.

In the second part of the video, you see a Rook-only Battery, along the 7th Rank, in Black's territory.

While all the other examples, on this page, are fictional - just to labor the point - this second example is taken from an actual game: Seirawan-Short, London, 1982.

Seirawan's two White Rooks, form a Battery that threatens to capture Black's c-file Pawn, which would totally weaken both of Black's b and d-file Pawns, respectively.

It's a powerful attack, because White's h-file Rook would completely protect the other Rook, preventing Black's King from capturing it.

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