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You want to see examples where players are using their army to attack the enemy.

The following video contains three examples of attacking play, involving Chess legend Robert "Bobby" Fischer ...

Game: Fischer-Di Camillo, Washington DC, 1956

If that's whetted your appetite and you're hungry for more Chess Attack Examples, here's a link to a truly excellent resource ...

At, you'll find thousands of elite Chess Games, which you can access for free, online (I do ... a LOT).

While you can scroll through the moves of each game, at, for my own personal learning, what I like to do is copy the PGN (Portable Game Notation), from their website, into Fritz 12 ...

From there, not only can you scroll through the games, but you can delete up to a specific position ... Then, making sure Fritz's Chess engine is switched ON, you can play the game against Fritz and explore different sequences, to help your own understanding of different Tactics and Strategies.

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KEYWORD: Chess Attack Examples
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