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If you hear someone say "Checkmate" or the shorter cry of "Mate", it's because one of the Kings is under direct attack - it's in "Check". BUT, it has no legal move to make that would get him out of "Check".

Chess Glossary - Checkmate - GraphicFor instance, during a game, you may hear:

  • "I can see 'Mate in two moves".

  • "Queen to h8, Checkmate".

Basically, when a King is in Checkmate, it means it's "Game Over" ...

Whoever has Checkmated the other's King has just won their game.

As it signals the end of the game of Chess, Checkmate occurs as the final act of Endgame phase. Usually (see the selection of Checkmates in the Opening phase for examples of early victories!).

On that bombshell, it'll probably go down well to see some examples ...

Checkmate Guide Index

There's just a few, random examples, served to give you an idea of when a King is caught in Checkmate.

Return to the Chess Endgame Guide, Section 1, for a more dedicated look at Checkmate situations and strategies that can help you edge closer to winning games of chess by Checkmate.
  1. Checkmate, Example Scenario 1 (page 2)
    White wins with 3x Queens on the board.

  2. Checkmate, Example Scenario 2 (page 3)
    White wins, having promoted a Pawn to a Queen, Checkmating with 2x Queens.

  3. Checkmate, Example Scenario 3 (page 4)
    White wins with a Knight and Queen securing the Checkmate.

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