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You want to explore Chess Puzzles, which focus on Checkmating situations, within the latest version of Fritz Chess Software.

You'll find a selection of Chess Puzzles on our website (see the Navigation menu, towards the top-left of this web page).

All Puzzles are set up for White's move and both 1 and 2 Move Puzzles require you to find the Checkmate solution.

The following video clip will show you how to explore the Chess Puzzles in Fritz 12 (the most up-to-date Chess Training Software I owned at the time of creating this Q&A article - June 2010):

Oh, and don't limit yourself to this website ... If you've got a copy of Fritz 12, wherever you find Chess Games converted into PGN format, you can Copy and Paste them into Fritz, to explore..

One such website you'll like is ... They don't have Chess Puzzles, but they do have a whopping selection of significant and historical games, each with a PGN conversion, which you can Copy to Fritz.

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KEYWORD: Checkmate Puzzles For Fritz
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