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Checkmate, Example Scenario 3

Video Commentary
  • Move 1,
    [Timeline, 0:06],
    White uses his kNight to capture Black's Pawn, on d5 ... Black could respond by capturing White's Knight, but sees another threat - this time, to White's Queen, which Black threatens, with his Pawn to g6.

  • Move 2,
    [Timeline, 0:15],
    White's not bothered, as not only does he safeguard his Queen by moving her to f3, he also Checks (+) Black's King, in the process ... Black, temporarily, evades Check by blocking with his Bishop, on f6.

  • Move 3,
    [Timeline, 0:25],
    White says thank you very much, marches his Queen forward to not only capture (x) Black's Bishop, on f6, but to Check (+) Black's King, again ... Black now has no option, but to move his King to g8.

  • Move 4,
    [Timeline, 0:33],
    White's final, game winning move, is to bring his kNight to e7 ... Black has no legal move = Checkmate (#).

    White Wins the game, (1-0).

  1. Nxd5 ... g6
  2. Qf3+ ... Bf6
  3. Qxf6+ ... Kg8
  4. Ne7#
  5. 1-0

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