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Checkmate, Example Scenario 2

Video Commentary
  • Move 1,
    [Timeline, 0:06],
    White has advanced his e-file Pawn to e7, one step closer to Promotion ... Black must move his King, but can only legally reach g7.

  • Move 2,
    [Timeline, 0:12],
    White finally Promotes his Pawn, on e8, which he exchanges for a Queen - now White has TWO of them on the board ... Black's only response is to move his King away, to h6.

  • Move 3,
    [Timeline, 0:23],
    White sends his original Queen to f6 = Check (+) ... Black makes an escape, with his King going to h7.

  • Move 4,
    [Timeline, 0:30],
    White sends his Queen from the e-file to e7 = Check +

    As seen in Checkmate example scenario 1, this is another situation where the doomed King is 'shepherded' to one of the isolated edges of the board, where escape is impossible.

    ... Black puts his King onto g8, which takes him closer to White's attacking pieces, but not close enough to be a threat.

  • Move 5,
    [Timeline, 0:38],
    White sends his Queen from the f-file to f8 = Checkmate (#).

    White Wins the game, (1-0).

  1. e7 ... Kg7
  2. e8Q ... Kh6
  3. Qf6+ ... Kh7
  4. Qee7+ ... Kg8
  5. Qff8#
  6. 1-0

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