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Checkmate, Example Scenario 1

Video Commentary
  • Move 1,
    [Timeline, 0:06],
    White has just Promoted his e-file Pawn, which has been exchanged for another Queen, at e8 ... Black can only move his King, and advances it away from the coming danger, to c2.

  • Move 2,
    [Timeline, 0:13],
    Before White finalises the win, he moves his Rook out of potential danger, from Black's King, all the way up to a8 ... Black now has no hope - he could Resign and avoid the inevitable Checkmate, but chooses to see it out to the end, by moving his King to c3.

  • Move 3,
    [Timeline, 0:22],
    White begins his Checkmate strategy of shepherding Black's King to the very edge of the board - in this case, toward the a-file ... White, first, moves his Rook to c3, which Checks (+) Black's King; Black is now restricted and moves away to b2.

  • Move 4,
    [Timeline, 0:32],
    White sends his d-file, Promoted Queen, to c8, which again puts Black's King in Check (+) ... Black withdraws his King further away, to a2, his final move - soon to be with NO escape.

  • Move 5,
    [Timeline, 0:44],
    White marches another Queen all the way down to a4, which not only "Checks" Black's King herself, but seals the victory, with Checkmate (#) against White.

    So, White Wins the game (1-0)

  1. e8Q ... Kc2
  2. Ra8 ... Kc3
  3. Rc8+ ... Kb2
  4. Qb6+ ... Ka2
  5. Qa4#
  6. 1-0

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