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You want to see an enemy King put in "Check" by one of the Bishops.

From the very start of a game, probably one of the quickest sequences, which sees a Bishop "Checking" a King, is with the following:

  1. e4 ... e5
  2. Nf3 ... d6
  3. Bb5+
If you're unsure about those alpha-numeric codes, refer to our Annotated Chess guide; see the Recommended Links, below.

The key move is 1. ... d6, when Black's Queen Pawn steps forward, one square, to defend its fellow Pawn on e5 (1. ... e5) ...

But, in doing so, it leaves the diagonal path open, for the freed light-square Bishop, of White's army.

You can watch this sequence in the video clip, below:

There are pros and cons, for White playing this type of Check, so early in the Opening.

  • Pros: White forces Black to defend his King, which could disrupt Black's development strategy/plan ... This could buy time for White's own plans.

  • Cons: Black could advance his 'c' Pawn, to c6, which would attack White's Bishop ...

    White's Bishop would then have to move and this would violate a key principle of the Opening, whereby you should avoid moving the same Piece twice (for more, refer to The Chess Time Principle; see the Recommended Links, below).

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