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Check to Checkmate

Chess Endgame Guide Teaser - Check to CheckmateThe term "Check" refers to a direct attack on either your King, or your opponent's King.

The term "Checkmate" describes the situation when one King is under attack but has no legal moves to escape Check and none of his pieces can get his King out of Check, either.

Check to Checkmate Index

This section focuses on when a King gets in Check:
  1. Check Guide Introduction (page 1)
    Also mentions the Notation Symbol used and a Rule to remember.

  2. Some Examples of Check (page 2)
    Contains a short video clip showing examples of a King in Check.

  3. Double Check (page 3)
    When a King is put in Check by more than one enemy Pawn and/or Piece, from a single maneuver, it's known as a Double Check.

This section focuses on Checkmate:
There's just a few, random examples, served to give you an idea of when a King is caught in Checkmate.

Return to the Chess Endgame Guide, Section 1, for a more dedicated look at Checkmate and strategies that can help you edge closer to winning games of chess by Checkmate.
  1. Checkmate Guide Introduction (page 1)
    Also mentions the Notation Symbol used.

  2. Checkmate, Example Scenario 1 (page 2)
    White wins with 3x Queens on the board.

  3. Checkmate, Example Scenario 2 (page 3)
    White wins, having promoted a Pawn to a Queen, Checkmating with 2x Queens.

  4. Checkmate, Example Scenario 3 (page 4)
    White wins with a Knight and Queen securing the Checkmate.

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