CC Permissions,
Exclusions & Credits

If you intend to use any content, this page lets you know who to credit. If there are any exclusions, they'll be noted here, also.

CC License Permissions,

Unless stated in the exclusions section, below, you're welcome to use content, as per the CC License terms, as listed here.

CC License Exclusions,

Exclusion 1. YouTube Videos

Other people's YouTube videos are excluded from the Creative Commons License for Of course, you'll be allowed to embed them on your website in the same way that every website publisher can embed or share YouTube vidos, but you'll have to check with the authors of the respective videos, to see if you could adapt them. Only where you see my WaddenCC Logo, with my YouTube videos, have I got the authority to give you permission to adapt or modify the videos, even for commercial purposes, as I've personally created the videos (alas, I don't, as yet, have any such YouTube videos for Chess).

Exclusion 2. Pawn Warrior Images

Technically, I can't give permission for you to use any of the images containing the Pawn Warrior characters, as I didn't create them and I don't own the copyright over them.

I purchased the images at and their copyright terms gave me permission to use them for my purposes only, but I couldn't resell them, or allow others to reuse them.

If you'd like to use the Pawn Warrior characters, you can find them (and other Pawn Warrior characters, including Black Pawns), here:

Of course, once you've purchased the two licenses from iStockPhoto, to use those Pawn Warrior characters in your projects, THEN, by all means, you're very welcome to return to and use the images that I created that feature those Pawn Warriors, such as the ones on my Home page, each bearing a shield of a different country (like South Korea's Pawn Warrior, right).

Exclusion 3. SparkChess

I can't include SparkChess in my Creative Commons License, because the game isn't mine. The developers who created SparkChess have kindly allowed me to embed the game into my website (which you can both see and play, here), but I don't own the copyright for the game.

CC License Credits,

If you wish to use any of my content, please make credit with a link to this website, or to the page on this website where you found the content you used. You'll find the website address and a link that you can use, below ...

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