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Now then, when you mention 'C Graphics', the first thing that springs to mind is you're into computer programming and want to learn how to create a Chessboard, using the 'C' programming language.

I do a bit of HTML and CSS putting this website together, but I've never touched programming languages like 'C' or 'C++', so the best this page will do (at the moment) is point you in the direction of what seem to be credible websites that focus on the 'C' programming language.

  1. - Chess Board and Moving Pieces in C++

    This is a tutorial by a 'contributor' to, who goes by the alias of Deepglue555.

    If you study the 'C' programming language, you'll be better placed to judge the quality of the code, but the tutorial appears very comprehensive (the page is LONG).

  2. - Chess using BGI Graphics in C/C++

    This is a forum post, created by someone going by the name of Rai Gandalf, on ...

    There's 6 scrolling boxes with 'C' code in - how you view it, I'm not entirely sure, but there you have it. Anyway, the feedback in the forum thread appeared to be very positive, so I've Linked to this post (see below).

  3. - Yet Another Chess Board Control

    With this page, 'Cafechess' (alias) supplies two downloads: one is a 'demo project' file (9.77Kb); the other is the 'source' code (613 Kb) ...

  4. (Search by Google) - Chess Programming Tutorials

    This is just a list of results I got, powered by Google, when I did a search for "Chess" (without the quotes) on

The C Graphics Chessboard Links, to those four websites, are below ...

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