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You'd like to know how Chess has evolved into its current state ... Where did it come from and how did it become the mind sport we know today?

Okay, we will keep it brief, here. But, if you want more details, you can access our History article Who Invented Chess, either from the navigation menu to the left of your screen, or from the Recommended Link, towards the bottom of this page.

Now, read on, McDuff ...

Various books and online resources (i.e. Wikipedia - don't shoot the messenger), suggest that modern Chess has its origins in India, during the reign of the Gupta Empire, between the years AD 320 to AD 550.

Back then, the game was known as Chaturanga, which apparently means "four divisions", in the Saskrit language. Those four divisions were made up of the Elephant Division, Chariot Division, Horseback Division, and Foot-soldier Division.

Between the years 633 and 644, Chaturanga was adopted by the Sassanid Persians, who called it Chatrang, while the Muslim population referred to it as Shatranj.

Around about the 900s, it is believed Shatranj made it across to the southern point of Spain, from the North African country, Morocco.

Changes to the Rules of Chatranj are thought to have been made by the Spanish, during the 1200s. Between the Spaniards and Portuguese, this period is considered the time when the greatest leaps were made, in the development from Chatranj to what is more identifiable as Chess.

One of the earliest "leading Chess players", is said to be Franci de CastellvĂ­, of Spain, around the period of 1475.

Chess soon spread to Italy, with Leonardo da Cutri being hailed as the 'leading' chess player of the period. The Italians and Sicilians would go on to dominate the game through the end of the 17th Century.

Between 1700-1804, France, Scotland, Italy and the Austrian Empire, all lay claim, at one time or another, to having the leading Chess player.

(It's difficult to make a brief history of chess, when the game in question spans over 1400 years!)

Between 1800-1850, claim of ing the leading Chess player shifted between England and France, with Northern Ireland having a say, in 1834, courtesy of Alexander McDonnell.

The modern rules of Chess, as we know them today, were just starting to emerge from about 1850, onwards.

For many decades, Chess had been played competitively, but it wasn't until 1924, with the formation of FIDE - the World Chess Federation - that Chess became a fully organized sport.

And that's your brief history of chess. See the Recommended Links, below, for more insight.

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