Brain Training Resources

Right from the very outset, for me, Chess was being used primarily as a 'Brain Training' exercise, in a similar way that jogging and weight training are used to train the body.

Guides and resources for learning to play Chess are all over this website. If you're a Beginner, start with our Beginners Guide; then, progress to learning about Strategies and Tactics - the better you get, the more opponents you'll be able to beat, which will keep you learning, playing and exercising your Brain for longer.

This page, however, is the only one that doesn't contain anything to do with Chess. It's a compilation of links to various other Brain Training and Brain Exercise activities, tools and resources, which can be found online.

Brain Training Resources


Edward De Bono
Edward de Bono is regarded by many to be the leading authority in the world in the field of creative thinking and the direct teaching of thinking as a skill.

I've owned a number of Edward's books, in particular "Teach Your Child How To Think" and I still find it staggering that his methods are not part of the school curriculum for every single primary school syllabus.

Tony Buzan is best known for pioneering the concept of Mind Maps - a brain-friendly way of speeding up learning through more effective organization of information.

Speed Reading and Improving your Memory are other areas that Tony Buzan approaches, in a way that, once more, makes me wonder: "why don't they teach it like that in ALL schools?"

Speed Mathematics
Mathematical ability is often linked with 'high intelligence'. But, being able to rapidly calculate numbers is just plain useful, for everyday situations.

Bill Handley is the author of "Speed Mathematics: Secrets of Lightning Mental Calculation" and his methods should also be stapled to every primary school curriculum, along with the learning systems from Edward De Bono and Tony Buzan respectively.

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