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Block Tactic, Blockade
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Chess Block Tactic, Blockade.A Blockade is used to stop an enemy Pawn gaining Promotion, making it subtly different from a standard Block, which protects a more valuable Piece (e.g. King).

Black's a-Pawn (left) was on course for Promotion on a1, but White's Knight creates a Blockade on a2, preventing any further advancement. With Black's Kingside in grave peril, Black's a-Pawn is going nowhere, for as long as White's Knight remains where it is.

Block Tactic, Blockade
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Block Tactic, Blockade
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A Blockade is ever so slightly different from a Block ...

With the latter, you're placing a lower-value piece in-between a higher value piece of yours and its attacker ... You're Blocking the attack.

With the former - the Blockade - you're putting a piece infront of a Pawn that's swiftly advancing towards your back row, for the purposes of Promotion.

The Knight is often the preferred piece to use as a Blockade ...

Why the Knight? Possibly because, from one aspect, it's a short-range attacking piece and you may still have Rooks, Bishops and a Queen, which will be better used in attacking the remains of your opponent's army.

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