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Chess Tactics Teaser - Battery AttackA Block is a defensive tactic, used when another of your pieces has come under attack and you either cannot, or do not want to move that piece from its current position ...

For example, your opponent's Bishop has just placed your King in Check - you don't want to move your King, as it would immediately void your later option to Castle your King.

So, instead, you disrupt the Check by Blocking with another piece - such as a Pawn.

When Blocking, it is best - if possible - to use an inferior piece to the attacking piece used by your opponent.

If a relatively inferior piece isn't available, and Blocking is your preferred tactic, then your next option would be to try and use a piece of equal value - for instance, meeting a Bishop threat with a Bishop of your own.

If you've been a total Herbert and managed to make an utter balls-up of your game, in dire situations, it may be required to risk losing a relatively superior piece, if it means protecting your King.

Anyway, let's take a look at a few examples ...

Block Tactic Index

Three examples of the Block tactic being used to defend ...
  1. Block, Example 1 (page 1)
    Chess Block Tactic, Teaser, Example 1. Shows a White Pawn Blocking a Check from a Black Bishop.

  2. Block, Example 2 (page 2)
    Chess Block Tactic, Teaser, Example 2. Shows a White Bishop Blocking a Check from a Black's Queen.

  3. Block, Example 3 (page 3)
    Chess Block Tactic, Teaser, Example 3. Shows a Black Bishop Blocking a Check from a White's Queen.

More Block related articles ...
  1. Interpose
    Chess Block Tactic, Teaser, Interpose. Not another type of Block, just another name for the Block tactic. In the given example, White's light-Bishop Interposes itself between its King and Black's Rook, blocking the Check.

  2. Blockade
    Chess Block Tactic, Teaser, Blockade. A Blockade is used to stop an enemy Pawn gaining promotion, making it subtly different from a standard Block, which protects a more valuable Piece (e.g. King).

Chess Tactics - Block - Graphic

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