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Block Tactic, Example 3
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Chess Block Tactic, Example 3.This image shows an example of a Block made by Black's light-Bishop, stopping the Check on the Black King, from White's Queen (Qa5).

While there were a couple of squares for Black's King to move to (d8 or e7), the Block was always preferred as it preserves Black's option to Castle.

Block Tactic, Example 3
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Block Tactic, Example 3
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One more example, and we continue where we left off, in Example 2 ...

Move 8 ... Black now decides to continue the attack on the King's side, by using his Queen to capture (x) White's Pawn, on g2.

White, while seeing the impending threat to both his Rook and King, also notices gaps in Black's defence.

Move 9, White sends his Queen to a4, which puts Black's King in "Check" + ...

Now comes another Block ...

Black would prefer to keep the option for Castling, so protects his King with his Queen's Bishop, to d7.

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