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Block Tactic, Example 2
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Chess Block Tactic, Example 2.This image shows an example of a Block made by White's light-Bishop, on e2, defending its King from the Check made by Black's Queen, from e4.

This sequence follows on from Example 1, as you can see White's c3-Pawn still Blocking the check from Black's Ba5.

Block Tactic, Example 2
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Block Tactic, Example 2
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This example continues on from the game played in Example 1 ...

Move 4, White decides to threaten Black's Pawn, by bringing out his King's kNight to f3; Black responds by advancing his Queen's Pawn to d5.

Move 5, White uses his d-file Pawn to capture (x) Black's Pawn, on d5; Black retaliates by using is Queen to capture (x) White's Pawn, on d5.

Move 6, White advances his Queen's Pawn to e4, continuing to fight off Black's threat, while aiming to keep some control of the central squares ...

Black continues his offensive, by using his e-file Pawn to capture (x) White's Pawn, on d4.

Move 7, White then uses his King's kNight to capture Black's Pawn, on d4, where it's protected from capture by the c3 Pawn ...

Black then uses his Queen to directly threaten White's King, from e4 - thus, "Check" +.

After all that action, finally, here comes the Block ...

Move 8, White protects his King by Blocking with his King-side Bishop, on e2.

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