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Block Tactic, Example 1
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Chess Block Tactic, Example 1.This image shows an example of a Block made by White's c-Pawn, to stop Black's dark-Bishop from checking White's King.

Note how the Check has gone, but the threat is still present, in the form of an Absolute Pin on White's c3-Pawn, as the Black Bishop, still on the a5-e1 diagonal, X-Rays through to White's King.

Block Tactic, Example 1
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Block Tactic, Example 1
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Move 1, White starts the game by advancing his King's Pawn to e4; Black advances his King's Pawn to e5.

Move 2, White advances his Queen's Pawn to d3; Black sends his King's Bishop out to b4, where it "Checks" (+) White's King.

Move 3, White now decides to make the Block - rather than moving his King out of Check, instead advances the c-file Pawn to c3.

Note that White had the option for Blocking with either his Queen or Queen-side Bishop. But, the former would have been to invite an early Exchange - or swap-off - of both Bishops (an equal trade), while the latter would have been to lose a Queen for a Bishop (not a fair trade).

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