The Bishop-pair:
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The Bishop-pair
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Advanced Beginners Chess Teaser pccThis article includes my notes, additional images and interactive chess positions from my study of Horowitz & Mott-Smith's book, Point Count Chess.

Point Count Chess,
Chapter 17. Minor Pieces,
The Bishop-pair (p205)

Point Count Chess, Examples:
  • The Bishop-Pair
  • The Ruy Lopez Question
  • The Bishop-Pair in the Queen's Gambit
Both armies start the game with two Bishops (Diagram 1) - a pair of Bishops, hence the "Bishop-pair" term.
Bishop-pair, Image 1, Advanced Beginners Chess Guide
Diagram 1: Both Army's Bishop-pair
However, this is only counted as a plus point when one army loses at least one of their Bishops (Diagram 2).
Bishop-pair, Image 2, Advanced Beginners Chess Guide
Diagram 2: White Loses Bishop-pair;
Black gets the Plus point.
You see, if you award one point to each army, while they both have two Bishops, then each point cancels out the other, so neither army has any advantage, here. So, we don't count while both armies are in possession of a Bishop-pair.

You could count a plus 1 when one side has two Bishops, while the other has Bishop and Knight, or two Knights. Otherwise it is a zero for this element.

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