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You want to cut quickly through the lame moves that seem to do little good and get to the best moves to give you an 'edge' over your opponent(s).

This isn't an exhaustive list, but stuff I've seen, within my first 12 months studying Chess, that look worth trying to repeat in your own games ...

Chess Opening
Castling Early - Building A House

I first learnt about the Barcza Opening in IGM Yasser Seirawan's book, Winning Chess Openings ... Yasser presented it, in more memorable terms, as "Building a House" for your King.

When I played this Opening, as White, in Fritz 12, Black (controlled by Fritz's Engine) mirrored the same moves ...

If it's recommended by a highly aclaimed International Grandmaster, and is also played against you by a computer that's programmed with millions of moves in its database repetoire, then it can't be too shoddy, can it?

The Barcza Opening remains one of my favorites.

Chess Strategies
#3 - Understanding Where The Pieces Go

KQA - Moves - Best Chess Moves - Chess Strategy 3

By far, one of the most important aspects of controlling your army, is knowing where to send the individual Chess Pieces ... Putting the Pieces on their preferred squares counts among your best chess moves.

See our Chess Strategies section, for more.

Chess Strategies
#5 - How To Use Pawns

KQA - Moves - Best Chess Moves - Chess Strategy 5

Pawns can be used as 'restricting agents' and to 'block' enemy progress. In addition, discover how to tackle 'Pawn Islands', as well as working with 'Pawn Majorities'.

See our Chess Strategies section, for more.

Chess Strategies
#7 - Territorial Domination

KQA - Moves - Best Chess Moves - Chess Strategy 7

Use your Pawns to help gain more territory and squeeze your opponent into submission. See our Chess Strategies section, for much more detail.

Chess Tactics
Any Of Them, As Required

KQA - Moves - Best Chess Moves - Chess Tactics

You use Tactics to take advantage of short-term opportunities ... Tactics include Pins, Forks, Skewers, Discovered Attacks, among others.

If they work - if they help you to gain material, or steal an advantage, then for sure, they can be considered among the Best Chess Moves.

You can learn 15 Tactics, from our Chess Tactics Index.

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