Beginners Chess Guide
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Beginners Chess Guide
Section 3

Section 3 deals with some additional topics and articles that a beginner should know.

Advantage Detection

Beginners Chess Teaser - Advantage Detection

As you play your Games of Chess, you need to know whether your Moves and Captures, Tactics and Strategies are working in your favor.

This page contains a selection of methods that'll help you determine who has the Advantage, in a Game.


Error Management

Beginners Chess Teaser - Error Management

If you're going to go to the trouble of learning how to gain an Advantage, it makes sense to learn how to spot potential, niggling mistakes, so you don't suddenly throw that advantage away!

This Error Management guide contains a compilation of Errors for you to be aware of and ways to manage these potential, proverbial "banana skins" ...


Additional Terminology

Beginners Chess Teaser - Defensive Play - Terms

This little collection includes additional chess game terminology.

Attacking terminology:
Attack; Berserker; Breakthrough; Counterplay; Force; Initiative;
Support Point; and Weakness.

Defensive terminology:
Blockade; Blocking; Castling;
Defence Openings; Support Point;
X-Ray Attack (Definition 3).


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