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You're new to Chess - a Beginner; you want to learn to play the game and you're looking for information on the Internet.

The Internet's a great place to learn to play Chess, because of the web's multimedia capacity ...

  • Some websites, such as, allow you to view and scroll through thousands of elite Chess Games;

  • Some websites make games available in PGN (Portable Game Notation) format, which you can Copy To Fritz and explore even further;

  • Other websites, like, make good use of video, to enhance their examples, points of importance, and the like.

With all the good, free content available online, it's easy to dismiss books as being too one-dimensional and not worth shelling-out for ...

The trouble there is, because there's money to be made from their reputation and experience, the good information, from current and ex-Professional Chess players, is mostly found in books.

So, by ignoring Chess Books, such as the excellent Winning Chess series, by Yasser Seirawan - you're missing out on unique insights, gained through years of invaluable Chess-playing experience ... If you want to be the best, you must seek to learn from the best.

I can only speak for myself, but my biggest problem with Chess Books came from a combination of not really understanding Algebraic Chess Notation and finding it a chore to visualize the Moves in print, in my mind.

Once the proverbial "penny dropped" and I understood how Chess Notation worked, I was able to understand which Pieces had been moved; when Pawns were moved; when material was captured; etc.

All I had to do then was train my brain to visualize the moves ... Fritz 12 has helped extremely well, being able to copy games, in PGN format, into Fritz and then playing them through, at my own pace.

I'll tell you another thing that's helped - putting this website together ... I've often found learning improves significantly, when you try and explain to others what you've learnt.

To that extent, I'd recommend starting your own Chess blog or website, and publish to it what you've learnt, as you learn it (if you're interested in that and want to discuss it, by all means Contact Us).

Anyway, where were we? ... "Beginner Internet Chess" ... Aye, check out the following links, they'll take you to even more Beginner-focussed content:

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