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You're fairly new to Chess, have got the hang of some of the 'Basics' already and now want to improve your ability by learning Chess Strategy.

Strategies give you an 'outline' of how you want to control the battle; whereas, 'Tactics' are short-term opportunities, that come and go, at random, as you run your Strategies.

In our Beginners Chess Guide, you'll find a Basic Chess Strategy ...

This was never intended to be a definitive, "Best Strategy Ever", sort of thing. It was a compilation of some key aspects of developing your army, which I first explored, through watching others play Chess.

Those I watched weren't elite players, or particularly strong players, for that matter. They were just "better than me", at the time.

Since building, I've begun learning from elite players ... In particular, Yasser Seirawan, through his Winning Chess series of books, has had a big impact on my Chess education.

The main Chess Strategies that you'll find on our website (see the Recommended Links - Chess Strategies Index), I learned from Yasser's book, Winning Chess Strategies, which I recommend to all Beginners who are interested in learning Chess Strategy.

Winning Chess Strategies and Fritz 12

I also recommend getting hold of a copy of Fritz 12, as it'll help you bring Yasser's Strategy examples to life and accelerate your learning.

In truth, there are no "Beginner Chess Strategies", as such; just GOOD 'Chess Strategies', which you'll be able to learn and practice, regardless of your current level of experience.

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