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You're after a quick set of guidelines, to get you playing Chess properly (legally).

If you follow the Recommended Link to our Beginners Chess Guide article: "Basic Chess Rules", you'll find a well-condensed set of Rules for playing Chess, which have been interpreted - in more layman's terms - from FIDE's official Chess "Handbook".

When you've digested that and should you still want more, have a nosey about our Chess Glossary Article - Official Chess Rules. Again, we've scoured FIDE's Handbook, to bring you these nuggets of officialdom - but, they're not the FIDE's complete list.

Should you want to know it all, from FIDE themselves, then follow the Recommended Link: World Chess Federation (FIDE) - Actual Handbook, below, which will open in a new page and take you straight to FIDE's Handbook (free to read online), containing all their Rules and Laws governing Chess (including Tournament Rules).

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