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Chess Endgame Guide - Teaser - Basic CheckmatesFundamental Chess Endings, by Karsten Muller and Frank Lamprecht, was the first book I got that focused on Checkmate endings. In the opening section of the book, you'll find five Basic Checkmate scenarios.

If you want to know more about each scenario, Muller and Lamprecht go into more detail, with alternative variations, in their aforementioned book.

I've had a look at each of the 5 Basic Checkmates, which you can access from the index (below) ...

Basic Checkmates Index

In each of the following examples, ignore the specific location of the Checkmated King and, instead, make a note of the general position, as Checkmate would occur even if the positions of all pieces were rotated 90 degrees around each side of the chessboard.
  1. King & Queen v. King (page 2)
    Basic Checkmates - Teaser - King and Queen v King
    This win requires the King to protect his Queen from the rear, while the Queen cuts off all potential escape routes of the enemy King.

  2. King & Rook v. King (page 3)
    Basic Checkmates - Teaser - King and Rook v King
    Note the INVISIBLE WALL at squares a7-b7-c7, created by the RULE that prevents Kings from sitting on adjacent squares.

    This results in a virtual BARRICADE that keeps the enemy King stuck on its back rank, to be Checkmated at distance by the Rook.

  3. King & 2x Bishops v. King (page 4)
    Basic Checkmates - Teaser - King and 2x Bishops v King
    Again, the King's INVISIBLE WALL (f7-g7-h7) prevents the enemy King's escape from its back rank.

    The Bishops work together to shepherd the enemy King into its doomed corner.

  4. King, Knight & Bishop v. King (page 5)
    Basic Checkmates - Teaser - King, Knight and Bishop v King
    Here, the familiar King's INVISIBLE WALL (a7-b7-c7) prevents the enemy King's escape from its back rank.

    Meanwhile, note the positions of the other two Pieces: The Knight is on the outside of its King, preventing the enemy King's escape (a8-b8); the Bishop lands the Checkmate.

  5. King & 2x Knights v. King & Pawn (page 6)
    Basic Checkmates - Teaser - King and 2x Knights v King and Pawn
    This requires a bit of work by the winning King and one of the Knights to keep the enemy King trapped in its corner.

    NOTE: the Qg1 is this example is the futile attempt at promoting the remaining Pawn (in case you were wondering where the Pawn got to!).

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