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[Recording Castling]

Castling can take place on either the King's Side, or the Queen's Side of the board and, if you haven't discovered already, is a way of quickly protecting the King by swapping places with either Rook ...

There are Rules regarding Castling, which is discussed here. But they'll get in the way of this Annotated Chess guide, so won't be discussed on this page.

Now, here's where Castling and the Algebraic Notation system meet:

Annotated Chess System - Algebraic - Recording Castling - Animated

In the animated image, on both White & Black's back rows, respectively, you can see there are:

  • Three zeros (0 0 0) appearing on the Queen's Side and;

  • Two zeros (0 0) appearing on the King's Side.

The actual Notation logged provides a quick interpretation of the squares between the Rooks, on either side, and is written as follows:

  • 0-0-0 (recording Queen-side Castling)

  • 0-0 (recording King-side Castling)

Fast-forwarding through the sequence of moves we left earlier, you can see both Kings have completed their Castling move:

Annotated Chess System - Recording Castling King n Queen Side
Algebraic Annotation Recorded Castling - King n Queen Side

I'll leave you to work out what happened during moves 6 to 8 ...

But, you can see that, on move 9:

  • King-side Castling happened for White

  • Queen-side Castling happened for Black

Moving On: Recording Pawn Promotion (Page 9).

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