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Annotated Chess Guide
[Recording Moves]

What you've got here is a set of three images of an opening scenario.

For the scenario, I've used a Human vs. Human setting in Chess Titans, so the moves can be mirrored for both White and Black - this way you can see the differences in Notation, even though the moves patterns are identical

Each image represents ONE MOVE EACH, for White and Black, respectively - and the Algebraic Annotation will be mentioned beneath each image.

Here's the first move for both White & Black:

Annotated Chess System - Algebraic - Recording Moves - 1
Algebraic Annotation Recorded Moves 1

With Algebraic notation, the ONLY reference that's recorded is the square a piece actually finished on.

Earlier, we mentioned that Pawns don't have a substitute letter to mark their moves on the board. Instead, you just put down the reference of the square the Pawn finishes on.

In the image, above, you can see both Pawns - White & Black - moved TWO squares on their opening move, to meet each other in the center of the board.

  • White's Pawn ended its move on e4;

  • Black's counter move ended with his Pawn on e5.

Now for move 2, for both White & Black:

Annotated Chess System - Algebraic - Recording Moves - 2
Algebraic Annotation Recorded Moves 2

You can now see the recorded notation log beginning to accumulate moves made.

In addition to knowing that both White & Black moved each of their 'e' file Pawns to squares e4 and e5, respectively, you can now see the second move has been recorded ...

What you're being told, by the notation log is that, after Black's first move, White's second move was to bring his kNight out onto the square c3 ...

Black's second move, in this scenario, is to counter by mimicing White ... Black moves his kNight out to c6.

Onto move 3, for both White & Black:

Annotated Chess System - Algebraic - Recording Moves - 3
Algebraic Annotation Recorded Moves 3

And, move 3 sees White move his Bishop out to square b5, while Black does a mirrored move and takes his King-side Bishop out to square b4.

At this stage, the game now sees:

  • White & Black's 'e' file Pawns stuck, unable to move in the middle of the board;

  • while they both have a Bishop moved from their original King-side starting place, to threaten each other's Queen-side kNight.

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