Annotated Chess Guide: Part of the Beginner's Chess Guide (Section 1)

Annotated Chess Guide
[Three Main Systems]

Over the many centuries that Chess has been played, like the Rules of the Game, there have been a number of interpretations for recording moves across the board ...

After a bit of tinkering and chiseling, three Annotated chess systems worked their way to become the most popular:

  1. Descriptive Notation

  2. Forsyth Notation

  3. Algebraic Notation

Note: There isn't a link to the Algebraic Annotated chess system because it's THE system used at modern Chess Tournaments ...

So, the Algebraic system is what you'll be learning in the bowels of this page.

(There's no point in labouring with defunct systems - especially if you're a beginner with Tournament-ambitions)

As for the other two systems, you may wish to find out about them, still, because you may come across some older chess book, which may use one of these 'other' systems ... and it'll save a LOT of head scratching and going "Eh?!"

Moving On: The Algebraic System (Page 3).

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