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[Declaring a Winner]

Take a look at the final scenario image:

Annotated Chess System - Algebraic - Declaring Winner
Annotation Recorded Declaring Winner - Moves 25-34

Before we get to "The Winner", it's a good opportunity to mention the notation for when a King is put in "Check" ...

  • Check = +

You can see it straight away on move 25 ... Qd8+.

The Pawn that was promoted to a Queen puts Black's King in "Check" on Move 25 ...

Notation AFTER Promotion

Notice, after a Pawn has promoted, its recorded Notation reverts to that of any normal Piece.

Where the Pawn-to-Queen move had been recorded as a8Q, the movement of the Promoted Piece - the Queen, in this case - goes back to being recorded with the CAPITAL initial first, followed by the square it finishes upon.

Thus, 24. a8Q then became 25. Qd8+, and the game continues ...

Looking down the list of Annotated Chess Moves, you can see both Kings were put in Check:

  • White's King in Check by Black's kNight, on move 30;

  • Black's King in Check by White's Promoted Queen, on move 32.

Look at the Notation for White's Moves 33 & 34.

Like any situation where two, same-type Pieces can land on a square, extra clarification is given.

On Move 33, either of White's two Queens could have been placed onto the e8 square.

To clarify that White's 'b-file' Queen was the Piece that White chose to move to e8, it's recorded as Qbe8 ...

All it means is the Queen, from the 'b' File was moved to e8.

Finally, The Winner!

The game ends in with a winner, when one King finds itself attacked wherever it tries to go, therefore it's in "Checkmate" ...

The Annotated Chess log for this situation is:

  • Checkmate = #

Most often, the notation 1-0 would indicate White the Winner ... Had Black won, it would be recorded as 0-1

Looking back at the notation log, you can see that "Checkmate" was completed by White's original Queen, on move 34.

"Alright, Call It A Draw"

Should a game end in a Draw - also known as Stalemate - in place of
1-0 for a White Win, or 0-1 for a Black Win, the notation would read:

  • ½-½

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