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Words and pictures aren't helping, you want to see a video that shows the Annotated system for recording moves in Chess.

As today's game (of Chess) uses the Algebraic Chess Notation system, that's what we'll focus on - briefly - here.

Chess Notation - shorter, easier way of saying Annotated Chess - is a system of recording moves and captures, during each game of Chess.

The Chessboard is divided into Ranks and Files ...

  • Ranks are assigned numbers, from 1 to 8 (working up from White's territory to Black's)

  • Files are assigned letters, from a to h (working from left to right)

Algerbraic Chess Notation makes use of those File letters and Rank numbers to identify each individual square on the Chessboard:

Annotated Chess System - Algebraic - Naming Squares

As for identifying the Pieces, they're assigned letters:

  • N = kNight
  • B = Bishop
  • R = Rook
  • Q = Queen
  • K = King

The Knights get 'N' because 'K' was already taken by the Kings.

You'll also notice there isn't anything to distinguish Pawns ... In Descriptive Notation, they used the letter 'P'.

But, with Algebraic Notation, the only way to tell that a Pawn has been moved is by the absense of any capital letter, before the square reference.

Other identifiers are as follows:

  • 0-0 = Kingside Castling.
  • 0-0-0 = Queenside Castling.
  • x = A capture has been made.
  • + = A King has been placed in "Check".
  • ++ = Sometimes used to highlight a "Double Check".
  • # = "Checkmate" (Game Over).
  • 1-0 = White has Won.
  • 0-1 = Black has Won.
  • ½-½ = "Stalemate" (Game ends in a Draw).

Okay, now you're ready for your Annotated Chess Video:

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