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Advanced Beginners Chess Teaser aadOkay, the two groups of links (Advantages and Disadvantages), below, contains the refined goodness from my discussions, with Ken Wilsdon, about H&M-S's principles of strategy, found in Point Count Chess (PCC).

They're laid out in the same way, as they were in the Positional Point Count Table*, found on page 8 of PCC.

* albeit with the addition of Two Against One In The Center, which H&M-S do mention as a countable advantage, but for some reason they don't list in their Table.

- Point Count Chess (Plus Points) -

[+] Control of the Center
[+] Pawn on 4th v. Pawn on 3rd
[+] Two Against One In The Center
[+] Mobile Pawn Wing
[+] Strong Outpost Station
[+] Superior Development
[+] Greater Space
[+] Bishop-pair
[+] Bishop v. Knight
[+] Half-Open File
[+] Control of Useful Open File
[+] Rooks on the 7th Rank
[+] Passed Pawn
[+] Outside Passed Pawn
[+] Protected Passed Pawn
[+] Advanced Pawn
[+] Qualitative Pawn Majority
[+] Advanced Chain
[+] Advanced Salient
[+] Better King Position
[+] Offside Pawn Majority

- Point Count Chess (Minus Points) -

[-] Backward Pawn
[-] Doubled Pawns
[-] Isolated Pawn
[-] Hanging Pawns
[-] Hanging Phalanx
[-] Crippled Majority Wing
[-] "Weak-Square Complex"
[-] Holes
[-] Compromised King-side
[-] King Held in Center
[-] Cramped Position
[-] Bad Bishop

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