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You want to know about the specific Skewer Attack, where the attacked side's King is involved.

When a Skewer Attack takes place, it's against a higher-value enemy Pieces that's infront of - therefore protecting - a lower-value Pawn or Piece, behind.

The aim of a Skewer is usually to force aside the higher-value Piece, infront, to get at the lower-value Pawn/Piece, behind.

A Skewer Attack can be either:

  1. Relative
KQA - Tactics - Relative Skewer Attack - Animated

Just as with Relative Pins and Forks, when the Skewer is Relative, both attacked units are either Pawns or Pieces - but NEITHER is the King.

Depending on the situation, if necessary, you may leave the unit at the front, in place, to protect whatever is behind.

Note: If both attacked units are equal in value (e.g. a Knight and a Bishop), you must decide which is more important, based on the overall situation/position at that point, in your game.

  1. Absolute
KQA - Tactics - Absolute Skewer Attack - Animated

When the Skewer is Absolute, the higher-value Piece being directly targeted, is the King.

The King is, therefore, in "Check" and so must be safeguarded ... In this case, it usually means stepping the King aside, leaving the rearward unit to its own fate.

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