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You want to know about the specific Pin Attack, where the attacked side's King is involved.

A Pin Attack happens when an attacking Pawn/Piece threatens a lower value enemy unit, which is sitting infront of - thus, technically, 'guarding' - a higher value Piece, behind.

There are two types of Pin Attack:

  1. Relative Pin
KQA - Tactics - Relative Pin Attack - Animated

Only Pawns and/or Pieces are under attack, from the Relative Pin (as can be seen in above image).

While you wouldn't necessarily want to move the lower-value unit, as it would expose the more-valuable Piece to the enemy; you are able to take that risk and move the 'Relatively Pinned' Pawn/Piece, if you wish.

  1. Absolute Pin
KQA - Tactics - Absolute Pin Attack - Animated

When caught in an Absolute Pin, the lower-value Pawn/Piece is infront of - thus, guarding - its King.

Unlike the 'Relative' situation, when it's an 'Absolute Pin', the Pawn/Piece in front MUST remain in place ... It CANNOT MOVE, as this would put its King "Check" (that would be illegal).

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