Absolute Rook Skewer Attack, Example:
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Absolute Chess Skewer Attack
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Absolute Rook Skewer, Example
- Overview -

Chess Skewer Attack, Absolute Rook Skewer example.The Skewer Attack: Absolute Rook Skewer by White's Rf3+ (red square).

The Victim: Black's King
is in check, standing in
front of Nf8, which is the real target, so ultimately,
the victim.

The Result: Black's King has no choice but to escape the check, but Black's Nf8 will get captured (Rxf8).

Absolute Rook Skewer, Example
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Absolute Rook Skewer, Example
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In this example, Black's under the cosh a bit and, for the sake of this scenario, he moves the King to f5, which is in on a direct path with the Knight, at f8 ...

Rather conveniently, this allows White to make a Rook Skewer Attack, at f3.

With the King in Check, Black has no option and must Absolutely move the King to safety, which allows White's Rook to capture the Knight.

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