Absolute Bishop Pin Attack, Example:
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Absolute Chess Pin Attack
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Absolute Bishop Pin, Example
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Chess Pin Attack, Absolute Bishop Pin example.The Pin Attack: Absolute Bishop Pin by Black's Bf4 (red square).

The Victim: White's Rd2

The Result: White's Rd2 must stay on its current square, as it cannot place its King in check, by moving. It's absolutely pinned on d2.

What's worse, for White,
is the Rook is as good as gone, no matter what, since ...Bxd2 cannot be met by Kxd2, due to Black's Qd8.

Absolute Bishop Pin, Example
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Absolute Bishop Pin, Example
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In this example, White inexplicably chooses to move the Rook forward, to d2 - moving to f1 would have been more likely ...

Anyhow, the move made, not only puts the Rook onto the same-colour square as Black's Bishop, but also slots it onto a diagonal line with White's King.

Black spots this fatal error and sends his Bishop to f4 ... Now, White's Rook is Absolutely Pinned; it CANNOT move, as it's protecting the King.

Either way, the likely outcome, given the material advantage of Black and the position of Black's Queen, White's Rook is toast.

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