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Absolute Chess Pin Attack

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Chess Tactics Teaser - Absolute Pin AttackAn Absolute Pin is one where the victim has been positioned so it stands in front of its King, when the attack takes place.

Regardless whether the victim is a Pawn or the more-valuable Queen, it CANNOT move! It must remain absolutely pinned against its King, until either the King moves (breaking the pin); the attacker is captured; or, if the attacker captures the victim and it's possible to capture the attacker.

Absolute Pin Attack Index

Absolute Pin Attacks
See one Absolute Pin example played by each applicable Piece, respectively ...

  1. Absolute Bishop Pin (page 2)
    Absolute Pin Attack, Teaser, Bishop Pin Attack Example.The Pin Attack: Black's Bf4 against White's Rd2, which defends its King (Kc1).

  2. Absolute Rook Pin (page 3)
    Absolute Pin Attack, Teaser, Rook Pin Attack Example.The Pin Attack: White's Rg8 against Black's Nd8, which defends its King (Kb8).

  3. Absolute Queen Pin (page 4)
    Absolute Pin Attack, Teaser, Queen Pin Attack Example.The Pin Attack: Black's Qd1 against White's Rd5, which defends its King (Kd8).

    BUT, you need to take a closer look ... it's a pity White's Queen didn't, as this attack was absolutely foolish!

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