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Absolute Chess Fork Attack
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Absolute Rook Fork, Example
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Chess Fork Attack, Absolute Rook Fork example.This image shows an example of two Black pieces, one including the King, as highlighted (yellow squares), which have been slotted into the pattern ripe for a double attack by a Rook, with White's Re4 (red square) within range to attack.

The highlighted green square shows where the Absolute Rook Fork will take place, when White's Rook moves to e8.

Black would then have no option but to get his checked King to safety (...Kb7), but will lose the light-Bishop (Rxg8).

For more insight into Rook Forks, including the patterns to look out for, read the Overview for the Relative Rook Fork example.

Absolute Rook Fork, Example
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Absolute Rook Fork, Example
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In this example, Black attempts to get his Bishop to safety, as it's currently threatened by White's Rook ...

Unfortunately, Black chooses to send his Bishop to g8, on the same row as his King ...

White can see the opportunity for a Rook Fork Attack, at e8, which puts Black's King in Check, as well as threatening Black's Rook.

Black absolutely must move his King to safety, but in doing so, will lose the Rook - and, subsequently, those other nearby Pawns, too ...

Then it'll be a race for both side's remaining Pawns to try for Promotion, to get another Queen on the board.

Black would be in more urgent need of one, though White could also do with a Queen, to more quickly push for victory.

Moving On: Example of a Absolute Queen Fork (Page 6).

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