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Absolute Chess Fork Attack
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Absolute Bishop Fork, Example
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Chess Fork Attack, Absolute Bishop Fork example.This image shows an example of two Black pieces, one including the King, as highlighted (yellow squares), which have been slotted into the pattern ripe for a double attack by a Bishop, with White's Bb3 (red square) within range to attack.

The highlighted green square shows where the Absolute Bishop Fork will take place, when White's Bishop moves to e6.

With Black's Nc6 unable to attack White's Be6, Black would be forced to move the King out of check (...Kd8 or ...Kb8), but will lose the Rook (Bxf5).

For more insight into Bishop Forks, including the patterns to look out for, read the Overview for the Relative Bishop Fork example.

Absolute Bishop Fork, Example
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Absolute Bishop Fork, Example
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Black brings the Rook to f5 ... Given the position of White's Bishop, plus the fact that the Rook is on the same diagonal as his King, it's a careless move.

White spots the opportunity to launch a Bishop Fork Attack, an absolute one, as it threatens Black's King, as well as the Rook.

Black must move his King to safety, but the Rook will be lost to White's Bishop.

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