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Absolute Chess Fork Attack
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Absolute Pawn Fork, Example
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Chess Fork Attack, Absolute Pawn Fork example.This image shows an example of two Black pieces, one including the King, as highlighted (yellow squares), which have been slotted into the pattern ripe for a double attack by a Pawn, with White's e-Pawn within attacking range.

The highlighted green square shows where the Absolute Pawn Fork will take place, when White's highlighted e-Pawn (red square) advances to e5.

Note: Absolute Pawn Forks are usually only possible when supported by another Pawn or Piece - especially if the Piece is LESS-valuable than either of the attacked enemy Pieces (as is the case with White's Re2, in the image above).

Absolute Pawn Fork, Example
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Absolute Pawn Fork, Example
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In this example, Black brings his Queen to d6, level with his King.

White sees an opportunity for another Pawn Fork Attack, at e5 ...

This time, the threat to Black is from an Absolute Fork, as one of the attacked pieces is the King ...

Black would have no alternative but to move his King out of Check, resulting in the loss of the Queen, to White's Pawn, on the next turn.

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