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You want to find a decent 3D Chess game online.

Of all the free, online Chess Games, that offer a 3D environment, I've only come across ONE that's worth going back to:


Launch Spark Chess - a.k.a. Flash Chess III

When I first played this, back in late 2009, it was known as Flash Chess III ...

As with anything, a simple rebranding effort cannot make a poor game good, so it's just as well that Flash Chess III was a decent game before being rebranded to SparkChess. The free features I liked were:

  • Highlighted Squares: When you click on a Pawn or Piece, your options are highlighted with a green glow across all squares that unit can legally move to ... This feature is always good for helping beginners.

  • Undo Move (button): Always a useful feature when playing to learn ... If you make a mistake, you can undo and try another route.

  • Save / Load (buttons): Providing you're on the same computer, if you need to take a break, after Saving, you can close your web browser; go away; come back, click Load and play on!

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